Training & Development

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Method of development
The method of development is divided in to 3 target areas:
1. Individual
2. Group
3. Organizational
Individual methods/techniques:
To develop individual’s skill to set and accomplish goals, goal setting technique is used. Behavioral amendment is the use of person erudition in the course of strengthening. All methods can be used to develop a person’s skill to accomplish his or company’s desired goals.
Goal setting:
Goal is a set of deed which a person attempts to achieve. For example, attempt is to increase selling with high customer’s contentment with service and to reduce non-attendance by 5% are aim of individuals. While 1968, Locke open that to consider a classic paper, so that there has been increasing attention
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If the goal set are specific and challenging than it lead to be clear in front of individual that what he has to do and then i5t increase the level of performance. It gives the employees a clear vision of to do a work with logic of commitment, appreciation and accomplishment and he can determine the level of his performance n by comparing it with pas and the ability what he supposed to do in future.
Individual differences and goal setting:
The literature study and research determine the effect individual differences on goal setting. Through the research study, it is declared that education, competition and job term effect the goal setting method. A Survey tells that goal challenge job significantly related the job performance of electronics technicians with 12 or more year of education. In practical field it is examined that goal setting affects the performance of less educated workers but not more.
Another study tells that social and motivational factors increased the performance, knowledge of work group loyalty and contentment.
Another research examined that competition is an important variable of goal setting. It is also study that clarity in goals and responses also related to performance.
Argument against goal setting:
There are some criticisms against goal setting. They are as follow:
• Goal setting is considered as a check on employees' performance and is a control device.
• It is a difficult process.
• Achieving goal becomes the


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