Robin Hood Case Study

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Analysis of the Robin Hood Case Study
This paper will identify Robin Hood’s organizational strategy by using the Balanced Scoreboard approach, based on the framework of performance measurement. According to Thompson (2005), “the scoreboard approach to objective settings advocates using a company strategic vision and strategy as the basis for determining what specifics strategic and financial outcomes are appropriate measures of the progress a company is making” (p. 30). This approach will examine the following four objectives: (a) internal business process, (b) the customer, (c) financial, and (d) innovation. An analysis of Robin Hood
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By carry out this vision at every level of the organization, the company will be recognized as the best justice organization in the competitive market. The company will achieve this by: ▪ Continuing growing and improving our organization ▪ Attracting, developing, and motivating the best people ▪ Making solid decisions to attract business
Implementing a new vision will bring better a customer value to Robin’s organization.
To succeed financially, how should Robin appear to the customers? Robin scheme to rob from the rich and give to the poor was not a long-term strategy to finance his goal. Robin Hood needs to improve the financial performance within the organization by demanding quantifiable results. According to Thompson (2005), “the organization can obtain quantifiable results by (a) identifying the financial ways to obtain short-term benefits, and (b) understanding where the organization can generate savings, (c) and having a clear understanding of the financial impact of the organization” (p. 27). Robin Hood can demand quantifiable results by asking the people within the organization for a small nominal fee on a monthly basis. The nominal fee will help the organization to gain resources and keep the business up and running. In the long run, the organization can reduce the labor risks of the organization.
To achieve our vision, how will Robin sustain his ability to change and


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