Cultural Differences Paper

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Cultural Differences Paper

Cultural Differences
Many people throughout the world indentify themselves by their cultural background. It is common knowledge that there are many different cultures throughout the world. Each culture has its similarities and differences. Every individual has multiple identities Race, ethnic, gender, national, regional, organizational, personal, cyber/fantasy—that act in concert. The importance of any single identity is a result of the situation. As the context varies, you may choose to emphasize one or more of your identities. A conceptual inquiry into race or gender would seek an articulation of our concepts of race or gender (Riley 1988). For outside a rather narrow segment of the academic
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(Jayson, 2008) Although this presidency will change history forever, President Obama will not be remember for the works that he does in office but for his ethical identity which has been in question since he has taken office. Multicultural, race and society have tremendous ethical influences on our lives, values and experiences. These can also provide a guideline for how we interact with one another on a daily bases. A person can account for suspicion and hatred among people of the same race when it comes to loyalty, affiliation and rigid adherence to stereotypical behavior as well as being the source of comradery and lasting unions. Through racial socialization, individuals are imbued with messages that determine the appropriateness and inappropriateness of their roles as racial being. (Carter, 1995) Racial identity can be one of the most important factors of a human life because it can determine how they live, love, and survive.

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