Google: Culture and Communication

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Culture and Communication

Victor L. Henry

COM/530 Communications for Accountants

June 7, 2010

Carmen Andia

Abstract Google is the leader in providing multiple forms of data access on the Internet. Information for many sources can be found at the click of a mouse. To archive and disseminate information, Google maintains an open organizational culture that allows sharing of data within the company to be quick, easy, and concise. Even when communication conflicts arise within the company, value can be derived from the different points of view. Varied opinions allow companies to have a broad prospective of a product or service’s plausibility in the market place. The Google cultural and communication platform aligns with the
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These tools cane be used for everything from basic communication between employees to data processing and dissemination. ` When a company's enacted values move away from its stated mission, perceptions within an organization can be adversely affected. A value shift can take place when the company has failed to meet financial goals, especially in the case of publicly traded companies, there has been a downturn in the company's industry, or negative publicity forces a company to re form its stated mission. In each of these scenarios, a company can be forced into survival mode. The need to maintain financial position industry wide now becomes the primary goal of these companies. The trickle down effect through the management level to the "guy in the trenches" can cause companies to operate in high alert status. Positions become much more expendable in situations like this. Communication can be affected by emotional factors as workers are trying to keep their jobs. The comrade factor is greatly reduced in this environment. Workers may become very selective and emotionally sensitive to what they communicate to others and the information they receive. Obviously this causes some compromise in organizational communication. Communication now becomes more restrictive and less useful. The perception has shifted from “us and we” to “me and me.” Conflict exists in group communication because of differences in opinion and


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