Organizational Analysis of Dept of Human Services

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Organizational Analysis: Department of Human Services
Francine Jackson
Wayne State University

Official and Operative Goals of the Organization
Department of Human Services (DHS) is a human service organization meant to help individuals and families with temporary services in their time of need. The mission statement is: “Improving the quality of life in Michigan by providing services to vulnerable children and adults that will strengthen the community and enable families and individuals to move toward independence.” ( DHS provides an array of services to individuals and families, these include: food assistance, cash assistance, health care assistance, children services, adult services, and many more.
Since there are
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When this isn’t possible, children should be provided with a permanent home and/or a permanent connection with caring, supportive adults as soon as possible. Part of the permanency, is also ensuring that children are connected with the resources and life skills necessary to become successful adults. Lastly, services underlying goal is to leave children and families better off than if there hadn’t been an intervention. Services should meet the specific needs of each family member and provided in the most respectful way to the child(ren) and family. Services are continuously evaluated to maintain efficiency and are outcome based and data-driven.
The goals of this organization were determined by the Administration for Children and Families . This administration determines whether states are conforming with federal requirements and measures compliance by conducting Federal Child and Family Services Reviews across the country. Michigan’s child and family services review was conducted on September 2002. The findings showed areas where Michigan was successful and those areas where improvements are needed in our child welfare system. Michigan's Program Improvement Plan was approved on May 24, 2004. Executing these strategies in the plan is a joint effort between state, federal, and private agency partners.
Demographics and social stratification of the community are the basis of what foster care is, and they majorly influence the determination of goals. African


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