Pfizer Marketing Plan

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Executive Summary: The following marketing plan will focus on how Pfizer, the leading company in the pharmaceutical industry will perform in tough competition conditions. A brief introduction of the field of pharmaceutical will be highlighted along with a short introduction about the company and its history. A market analysis will be performed to study the different factors affecting the pharmaceutical industry as a whole and our company specifically. The market analysis will give us a clear idea about where we stand and the competition present in our market and the market share of each competitor compared to ours. SWOT analysis of the company will give us an indication of the strengths that we should maintain, the opportunities …show more content…

The Pfizer name is a source of pride to us and should inspire trust in all with whom we come in contact. We must do more than simply do things right—we must also do the right thing

Leaders advance teamwork by imparting clarity of purpose, a shared sense of goals and a joint commitment to excellence. Leaders empower those around them by sharing knowledge and authority and by recognizing and rewarding outstanding individual effort. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for leadership at all levels in our organization. Leaders are those who step forward to achieve difficult goals, envisioning what needs to happen and motivating others. They utilize the particular talents of every individual and resolve conflict by helping others to focus on common goals. Leaders build relationships with others throughout the company to share ideas, provide support, and help assure that the best practices prevail throughout Pfizer.

Innovation is the key to improving health and sustaining Pfizer's growth and profitability. The quest for innovative solutions should invigorate all of our core businesses and pervade the Pfizer community worldwide. In our drive to innovate, we support well-conceived risk-taking and understand that it will not always lead to success. We embrace creativity and consistently pursue new opportunities. We look


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