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A research program is very important & essential for acquiring experience through learning and spreading the scope of Knowledge. I have done my research program in National Bank Limited, Foreign Exchange Branch.
This research report is aimed at providing a comprehensive picture to the areas of Foreign Exchange operation of National Bank Limited. The report has been divided into twelve parts. These are- Introduction, Brief History of Banking Sector of Bangladesh, Corporate review of NBL, Foreign Exchange, Documents Used in Foreign Exchange Business, Letter of Credit (L/C), Import, Export, Foreign Remittance, Findings and Analysis, References.
National Bank Limited is one of the largest commercial Bank of Bangladesh. The main objective of
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Different statistical tools will be used for the analysis of the findings.


To provide current information and to make the report read-worthy, support from various sources is essential. In spite of having my wholehearted effort, I could not collect some information required at the time of the study. So this study is not free from the following limitation:
Due to unavailability of latest annual report (Annual report 2009), I have to prepare the report on the basis of annual report 2008. As a result, analysis, presentation of data may not show the existing position/present condition of National Bank Limited. For the whole research I had only 90 days, out of which I get 61 days because of late commencement of research program, which were totally insufficient. So I faced time shortage extremely. Lack of previous experience to prepare this type of report and it is totally new to me as an intern. Foreign exchange division follows Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCPDC), but within this short period, I was totally stunned to understand. Learning all the banking functions within just two months was really difficult. Sometimes the officers of National Bank Limited were very busy. For this reason the personal did not


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