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Westmount Nursing Inc. is a for profit chain with seven different nursing homes. It has a grown from a small few bed facility to a facility with 4 different divisions that made to help make seniors more independent. The Westmount Nursing Homes were in search for a chief executive officer and president, which was filled by Shirley Carpenter. After Shirley Carpenter came on to the company, many changes were made and implemented. Some implementations were successfully, but she was also challenged with many problems with the Union Federation of Nurses and the Board of directors regarding wages and total quality management implementation. My recommendation would be for Shirley to stop the implementation of total quality management and focus on …show more content…

The morale of the employees was low due to many years of neglect from management, and as well the turnover rate for nurses being the highest in the state (Longest, Darr, 2010). Shirley focused on improving the morale within the company to increase retention. She implemented a performance based merit increase which rewards employees for their outstanding efforts. All of these changes were placed in effect to increase retention of the employees which leads to better quality of care for the clients.

Another initiative that Shirley wanted to implement within the company, was also put into tracks was the Total Quality Management Initiative (TQM). “…there was a need to find a way to better address quality of care issues in delivering services to seniors. Shirley latched on to the notion that TQM would be the vehicle through which Westmount could achieve the cultural transformation articulated in its vision statement” (Longest, Darr, 2010). Shirley became very interested in TQM and started reading and learning, she also had advisor, Dr. Daylon Quinby. Shirley asked Dr. Quinby to be a part of the TQM initiative at Westmount by leading the change, which he agreed to. “Dr. Quinby was soon found wandering around the grounds at all hours observing people at work or showing up quite unannounced at management committee meetings. Several staff members found Dr. Quinby to be “an old duck” whose presence was


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