Operations Management

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1 Chapter Introduction to Operations Management True/False 1. Operations managers are responsible for assessing consumer wants and needs and selling and promoting the organization's goods or services. Answer: False Page: 4 Difficulty: Easy 2. Often, the collective success or failure of companies' operations functions will impact the ability of a nation to compete with other nations. Answer: True Page: 4 Difficulty: Easy 3. Companies are either producing goods or delivering services. This means that only one of the two types of operations management strategies are used. Answer: False Page: 6 Difficulty: Medium 4. Operations, marketing, and finance function independently of each other in most organizations. Answer: False Page: 4 Difficulty: …show more content…

Answer: False Page: 4 Difficulty: Medium Multiple Choice 37. A nation's ability to compete with other nations impacts a business' strategy in the area of: A) Marketing B) Finance C) Operations D) Distribution E) All of the above Answer: E Page: 4 Difficulty: Hard 38. Operations management involves continuous decision-making; hopefully most decisions made will be: A) redundant B) minor in nature C) smart D) quantitative E) none of the above Answer: C Page: 12 Difficulty: Easy 39. A 'product package' consists of: A) the exterior wrapping B) the shipping container C) a combination of goods and services D) goods if a manufacturing organization E) customer relations if a service organization Answer: C Page: 4 Difficulty: Medium Learning Objective: Ref 4 41. Which of the following is not a type of operations? A) goods production B) storage/transportation C) entertainment D) communication E) all the above involve operations Answer: E Page: 6 Difficulty: Medium 42. Technology choices seldom affect: A) costs. B) productivity. C) union activity. D) quality. E) flexibility. Answer: C Page: 25 Difficulty: Medium 43. Measurements taken at various points in the transformation process for control purposes are called: A) plans B) directions C) controls D) feedback E) budgets Answer: D Page: 4 Difficulty: Hard 44. Budgeting, analysis of investment proposals, and provision of funds are activities associated with the______ function. A) operation B)


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