Alvarez - Case Analysis

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Alvarez: A Case Study

I. Executive Summary
Alvarez, a mechanic in Canalven, has been with the company for 25 years and is five years away from retirement. He is good at his tasks and has a good understanding of the machineries, displayed by his ability to develop high quality machines for the plant use. He is very energetic and very proud of his job and his capabilities, so proud that he inscribes his name in bright yellow to every machine that he developed and assembled. This caught the attention of Stone, a young but experienced engineer who was new to the company and was assigned to supervise the skilled workers, including Alvarez. Alvarez did not believe in the leadership and abilities of Stone, who made mistakes and delays in the
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He also prefers to receive feedback on his work to affirm its value. * Alvarez feels the impulse to make sure that he gets credit for things that he does as manifested by inscribing his own name on the machines that he built. This might have resulted from the perceived stereotyping, that he cannot be promoted any further due to his educational background, despite his good performance and outstanding capabilities. * Stone finds it hard to empathize with Alvarez because he might have had previous experience with people who do not follow his orders and people who relentlessly flaunt their achievements, which offended him, just like Alvarez’s insubordination and his habit of labeling the machines he built under his name. In addition, Stone might have been hired before to do things in a new way in a place where many of the old workers did not want to change. * In the same way, Alvarez finds it hard to empathize with Stone, as the former perceives the latter as being offensive and disrespectful of his tenure in the company and his abilities as a seasoned mechanic depicted when Stone asked other engineers instead of consulting with Alvarez. * Pinto is a charismatic man who was respected by the workers and has * Canalven currently do not have incentive programs that recognize accomplishments of its employees either on a long-term or on a regular basis.

VII. Recommendations * Stone and


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