Report on Operations Management

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Report on operations management
Foreign Affairs Division
Changchun University of Technology

Operations management deals with the production of services and goods in our daily life. It means the process that enables organizations to achieve its aims by efficient use and acquisition of its resources. Every organizations, whether service-oriented or manufacturing, has an operations function. This report would introduce the operations system in Foreign Affairs Division of Changchun University of Technology (CCUT), and analyze its advantages and disadvantages within this system. Finally, some recommendations will be introduced to improve the operations management in this Division.

1. Introduction to background
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Development speed is another objective, it means how quickly a new training program are introduced.

 The cost objective: The outlays are provided by CCUT at the beginning of every academic year, it is generally a limited amount. The main expense is for staff, because Foreign Experts need high salary and they are paid based on working hours. Another expense is equipment or facilities cost. So FAD should keep the training cost at the lowest level.

The competitive factors mean the factors that define the trainees¡¯ requirement. The teachers¡¯ requirement could influence on the relative priority of performance objectives. We can determine the relatively important competitive factors by a way of distinguishing order-qualifying and order-wining factors. The order-wining factors are ¡¯those things which directly and significantly contribute to product or service¡¯ (Slack, N 2001); the order-qualifying factors ¡®may not be the major competitive determinants of success, but are important in another way. They are those aspects of competitiveness where the operation¡¯s performance has to be a particular level just to be considered by the customer.¡¯ (Slack, N 2001) Different teachers (trainees or customers) needs imply different objectives. In current stage, the teachers who have important teaching tasks in the future and need training to prompt their teaching ability; the order-winning factors should


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