Operation Management

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Wolf Motors Case Study 1. What recommendations would you make to John Wolf with respect to structuring the supplier relationship process for the Wolf Motors dealership network?
The recommendations I would suggest for structuring the supplier relationship process for the Wolf Motors dealership network are Wolf Motors should consider a centralized corporate level Materials Management System to consolidate buying decisions for each of the 4 dealerships. This would facilitate greater leveraging with suppliers for consistent quality-control. They should study, calculate and make effective decisions on the materials that should be brought for each of the four dealerships instead of allowing each dealer to do it on their own. An automated
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Developing the relationship with the distributors and suppliers is critical to ensure availability of supplies necessary to maintain services that continue to satisfy customer needs and demands.

Yankee Fork and Hoe Company Case Study 1. Comment on the forecasting systems being used by Yankee. Suggest changes or improvements that you believe are justified?
Yankee Fork and Hoe Company is the leading producer of garden tools. Sales forecasting for Pareto items such as their Bow Rake have been unreliable. Receiving complaints from long time customers about late deliveries causing their customers to be unhappy. The situation is that long time customers are experiencing frequent late shipments because of manufacturing issues which cannot fulfill customer demand. Ron uses shipment data because they are hard numbers to forecast sales. He always meets with the sales manager to modify the shipping numbers based from the anticipated promotions, changes in the economy and previous years of shortages. Phil Stanton is in charge of inventory and is concerned about high costs and keeping the inventory low. However, Ron Adams, the marketing manager, is concerned about having enough rakes on hand for timely shipments. This report is used to prepare the monthly final assembly schedule. Forecast is always determined to be the worst at the end of the year. They both have bias views on how the forecasts should be run. There could also be a finished goods


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