Online Learning and the Adult Learner

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Online Learning and the Adult Learner
Christian E. Onuoha
College 100
American Public University
Jennifer Staley

Online Learning and the Adult Learner
Knowledge is power, therefore it is always a good thing for adults to be involved in continued education. The level does not really matter, be it in pursuant of certificate, bachelor or doctorate degree, but the ability to be involved in the process and going through the rigors of such endeavor, irrespective of age, family or profession. The joy of continuous education for an adult learner, is the legacy they leave behind for their grandchildren. It demonstrates that, there is no age limit to acquiring more knowledge, especially now that
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The time it takes to complete a chosen program is another factor influencing the decision to drop out, when the course is not completed at the expected time, it is demoralizing to an average adult student. Age is another determinant, the older the student is, the greater the possibility of not being able to complete the course. According to (Keith, 2006). Attrition among mature adult online learners is affected by sociological, psychological, technical and cognitive factors, critical features of which are the notions of cognitive load and locus of control. A widely distributed online survey reported that the learners identified four primary factors affecting their decision to drop the course: (1) personal motivation; (2) instructional design of the course/program; (3) conflicts between study, and work and family, and (4) the feeling they had learned what they needed or wanted (p.9)Wang, (et al 2003).
In conclusion, mature student are drawn from various categories, the young adult, elderly adults, the working class or cooperate learners, sent by their respective companies for different programs like on the job training. The traditional face to face method of learning is gradually becoming a thing of the past, this is because technological advancement and information technology plays a major role in any sort of education.
It is evident that elearning, face to face, and hybrid, all depends on some sort of information technology to deliver and receive lectures. The


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