Evaluate How to Involve the Learner in the Assessment Process

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PTLLS 6302
Roles and Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning, Task 1-4
1.2 Analyse own responsibility for promoting equality and valuing diversity
According to Urdany L, (1991).
The definition of Equality; Sameness, Similarity, Likeness, resemblance, Equivalence, comparability, and comparison.
The definition of Diversity; Difference, Unlikeness, Deviation, Distinctiveness, Variation, Contrast, discrepancy, Range, and Multiplicity.
According to the Equality act, (2010) [When providing for learners they should all be treated equally despite] age, sex, sexual orientation,
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It will be important to learn from experience and use common sense.
More areas which I will need to be responsible for is Gravells A, (2010)…..Completing attendance records, having a duty to care for learners, inducting learners to the organisation and course, carrying out one-to-one tutorials and reviews with learners, following professional values and ethics, standardising your practice with others, attending meetings, preparing delivery material and marking work, attending promotional events and exhibitions.
Gravells A, (2010)…….Dressing and acting appropriately, being organised with planning and delivery, arriving early to prepare the venue.
Being responsible in my teaching role is important as keeping good routine and structure helps maintain organisation, this will gain trust and respect from students.
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I will need to understand stages of the teaching cycle, which is identifying learner needs, plan and design the course, deliver the course, assess what learners have learned, and evaluate the course.
I will need to ensure safety, be flexible, give constructive feedback, keep records, mentor, plan and design syllabus, be engaging, prepare scheme of work, research, be a good listener, understand boundaries, provide resources. I may even need to find funding on occasion. This could prove difficult though as it could be time consuming for teacher, I will need to find a good


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