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Bruce A. Patterson 6 March 2015
Education 798
Dr. Russ Yocum

Learning for Life
Learning for life is a life outlook where someone decides to seek personal improvement opportunities throughout their entire lifespan. There is always some area of knowledge or technology where additional or new information can be beneficial. Through the use of distance learning, conference attendance, and traditional classroom attendance, the learner can enjoy employment benefits, more pay and even physical benefits making living easier. Becoming a life-long learner can be an experience that improves nearly every aspect of life.
Why life-long learning is important
Albert Einstein once said, “Wisdom is
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Unless there is potential for reward following the training, there is little motivation to commit. Additional training is a particularly hard sell if the employee has to dedicate personal time outside of paid work for the training. Many times taking the initial move toward additional education can be the most challenging part. Not all learners have great memories of their classroom time and the thought of spending additional time in the classroom is pure agony. Encouragement is necessary and adult life-long learners need to be treated like the adults they are.
One thing that helps learners to get started is the availability of learning opportunities. Life-long learning can be accomplished through studying in the traditional classroom, distance learning, conference attendance, and personal study. Professional in-service training opportunities are wonderful. However, the time away from work and the cost can work against the learner feeling that the opportunity is a good fit. Colleges which offer flexible degree plans may be just the ticket. They allow the learner to study and complete work at their own pace and during any time they have available. Finding an educational opportunity which fits the available time and the financial status of the learner is the key to having a strong life-long learning experience.
Psychological barriers often exist which can cause a resistance to life-long learning. Learning difficulties increase


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