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Assignment Title: Portfolio for Study Skills for Distance Learners

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Gerard O’Sullivan

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Study Skills

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Patricia Kenneally-Forrester

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1. Introduction to Portfolio 3

2. Activity 1 – Developing Learner Independence 4

2.1 Introduction & Discussion 4

2.2 Inventory - Approach to Learning 5

2.3 Reflection – Activity 1 7

3. Activity 2 – Time Management 7

3.1 Introduction & Discussion 7

3.2 Questionnaire – How well do you work? 9

3.3 Reflection – Activity 2 10

4. Activity 3 – SWOT Analysis 10

4.1 Introduction &
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Independent learning must be effective for it to be worthwhile. Course designers could be more creative and develop activities that stimulate the studying. The success of distance courses, and by extension independent learning, could be enhanced through consideration of a variety of learning styles, not just Kolb’s 1984 inventory.

2.2 Inventory – Approach to Learning

2.3 Reflection - Activity 1

Considering myself to be a reflective, but also visual learner, I make copious notes that I seldom refer to as the process recreates a picture in my mind. Having set out on this learning opportunity with enthusiasm, I have acknowledged that I will be dealing with the reality of study in amongst the pressures of work and family life.

It surprised me that I believed that I was intrinsically motivated to commence the huge commitment of this programme. Glynn et al (2005), who explore Maslow’s (1943) five Hierarchy of Needs motivational levels; Self-Actualisation, Self Esteem, Social, Safety and Physiological, suggest that “Students often perform tasks for reasons that are both intrinsically and extrinsically motivated”.

I am finding the whole process a positive experience, more so than I could have anticipated. I question whether I have the self-determination to see it through. I am anticipating that things will get better, but I have realised that it is not comfortable for me to shut myself away from my family. I feel that my time-consuming momentum, merged with