online v face to face training

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Online Training V Face to Face Training. !

Our first mistake could be thinking that one is better than the other. Or that one exists without the other. However, progress comes from adapting to the environment in which we find ourselves and training like everything else in our lives is going “online". So anyone who wants to make a difference in vocational education can now raise their sights to master the “classroom on the cloud”.! !

So what do we want to bring with us, from the old methods and what new technology and understanding is coming to light for the Online Educator. The following 5 points are a good place to start for blending methods of adult education and technology. !


1. Acknowledge the student. Get to know
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4. Learning styles : research on the human brain over the past 10 years has now surpassed the understanding we have had from the beginning of our species. This has advanced our understanding of learning styles and best practice in human development. From Andragogy & pedagogy to the new wave of Heutagogy (self determined learning ) we have masses of data on the best methods to use in adult education. Self direction can truly be enhanced through technology and internet access , where information is free available on most topics. However with in the design of a learning program we can include a wide variety of self paced learning options .
Individual selection of topics, algorithms to filter the learning needs or gaming concepts that are fast becoming a common motivator to adult learners. !


Virtual rewards and badging systems are some of the most popular gaming techniques that are most effective in understanding our learners style of learning. These methods can be addressing either the core content or additional materials. Eg in the case of vocational training we might consider badging the Employability Skills as the tasks are completed. In this way we are not only catering to the new learners experience , but also prepare them more fully for the expectations of the workforce. This will allow the genius’s among us to stand out


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