Curriculum Development Paper

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Curriculum development paper
Jasdeep Mahngar
University of Phoenix
Developing and evaluating educational needs
Karen Burger
December 03, 2011

Curriculum development paper This paper develops a lesson plan for an education program. The education program focused for particular target audience-teenage mothers. According to McGrew, Shore (1991) teenage pregnancy is one of the most difficult issues for the teenagers, their families, and the community. The teenage parents are not ready for parenthood, and they drop off school to get a low paying job and never complete their education. Most of them are dependent on their parents for financial support making their parents stressed emotionally. The education program
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Smith (2002) also describes that Knowles five step models involves diagnosing learning needs, formulating learning needs, identifying human material resource for learning, choosing, and implementing appropriate learning strategies, and evaluating learning outcomes. This means the teaching would be done based on the concept the learner holds of herself, the experience the person has, the learning ability of the person, orientation of learning, and the motivation to learn to see what types of benefits can be expected to be achieved. Lesson plan Setting Hospital classroom Goal; At the end of the sessions the audience will be able to verbalize the need for prenatal care, eating proper diet, and post- partum care. Content outline I. Overview of pregnancy II. Discuss the changes in body Prenatal care I. Importance to take vitamins II. Diet during pregnancy III. Safe methods of abortion IV. Importance to avoid smoking, alcohol, and drugs during pregnancy Child delivery I. Safe methods of child delivery II. Potential complications during pregnancy III. Sanitation IV. Exercises to prepare for delivery Post- partum I. Wound care II. Recognize signs and symptoms of infection and treatment III. Post-partum self -care strategies IV. Potential complications after birth and treatment


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