Methods of Identifying System Requirements

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Adzraku Setsoafia Edem
BIT Level 200 morning
System Analysis & Design (ICT 231)

Five Methods for Identifying System Requirement and How They are Applied in any System Development Venture

System requirement are the specification that define the functions or performance to be provided by a system logically and physically. The objective of identifying the system requirement is to understand the business functions and develop a system with the necessary specification that will meet those functions. To develop any system the systems analyst needs to collect facts and all relevant information to identify or clarify what the organization wants out of the system to accomplish their objectives or goals. For the success of any systems
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In the designing the questionnaire, the systems analyst really needs know who the respondents are in order to match or correlate the responds given. For example, it might be important to know what percentage of user need a certain software feature. When designing a questionnaire, the most important goal of all systems analysts is to make sure that their questions collect the right data in a form that they can use to further their identification of the requirements of a system. Here are some ideas the systems analyst should keep in mind when designing his questionnaire: * Keep the questionnaire brief and user-friendly. * Provide clear instruction that will answer all anticipated question. * Phrase question to avoid misunderstandings. * Limit the use of questions that are difficult to tabulate. * Include a section at the end of the questionnaire for general comments. * Test the questionnaire whenever possible on a small test group before finalizing it and distributing to a large group.
A questionnaire can be in form of the traditional paper form or fill-in form, for example, the use of Microsoft Word to create form fields, including texts boxes, check boxes and drop-down list where users can click selections when using the internet. This method of identifying system requirement is useful in attaining information from users who are living in different locations


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