Business Research Project Part 3 Sampling and Data Collection Plan

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Business Research Project Part 3: Sampling and Data Collection Plan
The sampling and data collection plan serves as the skeleton of our learning team’s project. As the owners of the learning team’s company “The Clear as Mudd Drinking Water Company”, the focus of the research question and hypothesis was switched to an environmentally conscious approach to determine if that was a potential reason behind slipping profits. As a team, we reviewed each member’s individual sampling and data collection plan, noting each plans strengths and weaknesses. Team discussions of the data analysis continued and the decision was made to again change the research question and hypothesis. The elements that comprise this decision, along with the strengths and
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If the survey contained private and potential confidential information, there would be legal ramifications. Improving the original data encryption system in this type of device would be of paramount importance. An additional area for improved data security is the sharing of confidential results, especially when it comes to hard copy distribution. Hard copy distribution can occur, but tight controls need to be in place. Much like electronic controls, hard copies can just as easily fall into the wrong hands. Keeping in mind these improvements and strengths, the initial research questions and hypotheses needs to be reexamined and much like in week 3, refocused to better suit the teams needs.
Modified Research Question
The original research question was stated as: Is there a correlation in the quantity of product bottled (DV) and sales decrease (IV)? Through additional research, the research question was restated as: Will revenue increase as the amount of plastic used in bottle production is reduced? The revised research question made sense, but through further examination and the week 4 research the revised question was nebulous. With that, our team simplified the research question and returned more towards the initial thoughts. The research question has been modified to: Can we conclude that the mean amount per bottle is different from 16 ounces? With decreasing revenue, if the


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