Nike Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan
Marketing Management – MM522
March 2004

I. Executive Summary
II. Table of Contents
III. Company History
IV. Marcoenvironment
a. Demographic
b. Economic
c. Social
d. Political
e. Technological
f. Ecological
V. Competitive Advantage
a. Industry Environment
b. Operating Environment
VI. Four P's of Marketing
a. Product
b. Place
c. Promotion
d. Price
VII. Core Competencies
a. Strengths
b. Weaknesses
c. Opportunities
d. Threats
VIII. Business Life Cycle
IX. Marketing Goals
X. Strategies and Implementation
XI. Conclusions and Recommendations
Executive Summary
Nike is a worldwide powerhouse in the athletic shoe and apparel industry. Nike's short, but yet effective mission
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They again received the award in 2003, making them the first two-time recipient in the prestigious award's 50 year history. Today, Nike is a four billion dollar business that has had its ups and downs but remains the undisputed leader in the athletic shoe industry.
A clear understanding of the macroenvironment and the major forces it is comprised of is essential to the development of a marketing plan. Individually the forces are of equal importance, however, the cause-effect relationship among them compounds the need for a collective evaluation.2
This component is likely the most important when developing a marketing plan. It measures various characteristics such as size, ethnicity, education and incomes of people in various regions. This data is extremely valuable when determining who your target market is and which regions they reside in. Once you know who you are after and where they live, you can attack them with a tailored marketing campaign that will turn their wants into needs and help you avoid the pitfalls of "spaghetti advertising."3
One of the most pressing issues that Nike faces as an international firm is the issue with currency. Nike has been impacted by foreign currency fluctuations and interest rate changes. This has created a situation where international firms like Nike have to be


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