Microsoft’s Partnership with Unhcr – Pro Bono Publico

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Microsoft’s Partnership with UNHCR – Pro Bono Publico?

Microsoft’s Partnership with UNHCR – Pro Bono Publico?

Let me first provide the landscape of this case study by highlighting that the evolution of the partnership between the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the software giant Microsoft Corporation facilitated a strategic and mutually beneficial partnership, as well as shaping the definition today of good corporate social responsibility. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative was created back in 1999 as an endeavor at a point in time when Microsoft employees engaged to assist to aid the victims of the Kosovo crisis. The emotional undertaking is referred to as the spark created
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Both employees and managers understood from infancy of the project to deployments of talent (tangible / intangible) about social corporate responsibility and global social interaction to be more involved in a geopolitical base (Deresky, 2011). During the 1999 Kosovo crisis and often referred to as the “lunchtime initiative” and is under question in this case study review, here Microsoft employees were simply watching the news during their regular lunch hour break. The strong optical images they experienced conjured up emotions and drive to act with sincerity to reach many distressed people (Deresky, 2011). To act and mobilize with cause and purpose and make a meaning impact on those afflicted by allocated key resources within their organization; a worthwhile pause in doing something thoughtful for humankind. Through their desires and company standing not only was it natural to become a strong participator, as a leading technology arm but an opportunity to design a solutions-based outcome to help out the refugee dilemma underway; a balance of meeting the needs of the world role undertook and fulfilling the company’s current need. When reviewing the outcomes as a software registration system and the application it provided with other companies and organizational partnerships, it dramatically helped the UNHCR administer their refugee camps in a much