Nike Management Report

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Table of content 1. Executive summary 2 2. Introduction 3 3. Leading 4 4. Planning 5 5. Conclusion 6 6. Recommendations 7 7. Reference 9

Executive summary
This business report has investigated the Nike. Inc’s sustainability by doing some analyze about the current data, the management journals and article are from the business database such as EBSCOhost, It also explains the ideas that help managers of Nike to achieve its goals in both profit and sustainability, although different people may have different point of views about this, it is still very important to manager of a big company like Nike, it is one of the leaders in the footwear industry, what they did may affect other shoes companies. The managers in
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This new line is “dedicated to product design that delivers more from less,” meaning less energy, less chemical content (glues, plastics, and adhesives), and less waste. Hoke notes, “We’ve created a Nike Considered Team to infuse this new, overarching, and sustainable-design approach throughout all of our product engines. Not one product or design, but a new way of thinking. Nike Considered is our approach to embedding corporate responsibility not only into how a product is made, but also into how it is conceived.” (Energetic Business Leaders, 2006).this is an answer to indicate that how Nike is going about reaching these sustainable design goals. What is more, by giving some new ideas to the design teams, now they have new ways of thinking about crimping, folding, or bending instead of cutting, sewing, and gluing. Hoke declares, “Designers are in a position to help lead, to help make substantive change in the world. I believe this environmental/sustainable approach to creation is a big deal. I want to be on the forefront. I want Nike to be there.” (Energetic Business Leaders, 2006).

4. Planning
Planning is another management function that involves defining goals, establishing strategies for achieving those goals, and developing plans to integrate and coordinate activities (Robbins, 2008).


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