Nike Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning Strategic planning is something the Nike has been something that Nike has put much more emphasis on during the last decade. They realize that by planning well, they can produce higher quality products while improving their bottom line. Nike’s Strategic Planning team establishes a strategic business planning process, authors our one and three year strategic and business plans, and leads transformational initiatives in collaboration with cross-functional teams. Strategic Planning teams are embedded at the global corporate level and throughout their business units. This team frames complex and ambiguous issues, conducts consumer, competitive, and market analyses, fields research, creates financial models, and develops …show more content…
The company has presence in every segment of the value chain from manufacturing to sales. Of the total Nike branded footwear, the company procured 36% from manufacturers located in China, 33% from Vietnam, 21% from Indonesia and 9% from Thailand, in FY2008 (DATAMONITOR, 2009). This means that Nike is outsourcing its goods to save money but also has presence at these facilities to ensure quality which is a large part of their strategic plan.
Customer Service Nike is a very customer-centric company. Their customer service mission is “to represent the highest service standard within and beyond our industry, building loyal consumer relationships around the world” (, 2010). They realize that without customer satisfaction, they will quickly lose market share in the ultracompetitive shoe industry. They employ a multitude of programs and policies to ensure that the consumer has the highest quality experience possible. One of these programs is which allows the consumer to design a shoe to their own personal preferences. This definitely adds to the quality of the customer’s experience with Nike and reduces the chance that they may go with a different brand in order to get a desired color scheme. One problem that Nike is addressing is the fact that most people want to try shoes on before purchasing them. They are adding kiosks in Niketown stores that allow you to customize


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