Outback Steakhouse Case Analysis

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Professor Edward Desmarais
BUS 470 Business Policy and Strategy
Fall 2005

Outback Steakhouse Corporation

Analysis completed by the Achiever’s


I. Executive Summary


A. SWOT Summary


B. Recommendations


II. Current Situation


III. External Factors


IV. Internal Factors


V. Action Plan


Appendix A. Stakeholders Worksheet



I. Executive Summary
A. SWOT Summary


Low turnover rate for management

Lack of presence in fast food market

and hourly employees

Limited hours

Call ahead seating

Limited number of foreign

Strong quality control

Large portions and
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Vision (Refer to the same pages for the mission concepts.)
What will our business
Outback grows sales by adding new be in 5, 10 years? restaurants, 30 to 65 locations per year.
Outback diversified into several restaurant formats which span from casual to upscale.

What does this mean?
Outback will continue to operate by its successful business model.
Outback will continue to grow sales by adding new restaurants in all its brands / format categories.

Operationally, Outback relies heavily on well-defined strategic elements, which are: a focus on dinner only, limited seating, good pay for Outbackers, quality steaks and ingredients, strong signature menu items, large portions at reasonable prices, fun and relaxed atmosphere, managing partner ownership.
Who are our future
Complete the stakeholder analysis customers? What will worksheet in lieu of answering these we do for each of them? questions. Append the stakeholder
How (technology used or worksheet to the Chapter 2 worksheet. functions performed) will we meet their needs and expectations?

Outback will continue to drive its strategic elements, which are designed to support customer, employee, and partnership satisfaction.

How will we communicate the vision to the organization and

We must work harder on our performance to give a better vision to our customers and to ourselves. The web

At Outback


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