Service Management at Tgi Fridays

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Services Management


Assessment 2: Identifying Service Management Excellence

“You are required to write a report aimed at the senior executive level which identifies and discusses example(s) of service management excellence in one or more actual service organizations of your choice.”


1.0 Executive Summary

This report will be aimed towards senior executives in the service industry, using the TGI Fridays restaurant chain as a basis to identify the key elements necessary for providing excellent service management. Each section in this report will discuss how TGI Fridays achieves its service management excellence through concentration on a number of key service areas. These service
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This standardisation helps to manage customer expectations because “as more and more chains developed and expanded” “their customers began to anticipate the pleasurable experience they felt when surrounded by a chains distinct ambience presentation.”

This standardised American theme is continued inside Fridays restaurants with each one displaying certain key items including:

A rowing boat – to symbolise team spirit,

A bell that is rung in celebration each time a customer leaves a tip,

A pair of leather deck shoes which symbolise hard work and a willingness to win, Merry-go-round horses

A beware of trains sign – a popular joke with customers.

3.2 The Front Line – “service employees in the role of actors dressed accordingly and with the help of a script deploy the necessary skills and attributes to impress an audience.” At TGI Fridays “dressed accordingly” comes in the form of red striped football shirts and braces with badges on them “to recognise outstanding achievements and contributions. Customers are encouraged to ”ask your server how they got theirs!”

As far as the script is concerned the company’s belief is that “the TGI team generates the buzz!” They encourage employees to be upbeat and lively in order to gain customer popularity, advertising on their website that “a happy face is never just for show at Fridays because a brilliant atmosphere is something you just


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