Nike Intergrated Marketing Communication Plan

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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
Nike Running Shoes
I. Background
Nike Incorporated, the leading innovator in athletic apparel and accessories, traces its roots to the University of Oregon track and field team of the early 1950’s. The team’s coach was determined to give his athletes a competitive advantage by always finding the newest and most efficient gear, and began designing and producing sneakers with very limited resources. After twenty-one years of creative turmoil and a superficial, lean order-by-order manufacturing system, the Nike brand was finally formally launched in 1971. Eugene Oregon remains the home of the Nike brand and the corporation’s headquarters.
Understanding that a distinctive, easily recognizable logo
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Nike Running consumers are active in community marathons, as Cross Fit gym or athletic gym members, and are often seeking extra adventure in their Nike Running shoes.
Competition is intense in the athletic apparel and accessories industry but Nike continues to successfully combine innovation and technology to maintain its lead over other companies. Nike, Inc. has and will continue to aggressively compete in all aspects of the industry. However, Nike Running dominates a very narrow market with smaller competition that cannot keep pace with Nike Running’s innovation and lacks the production capacity and other attributes necessary to take market share away from Nike.
Reebok and Adidas continue to keep pace with Nike Running’s innovation product by product. On a more intense level, Adidas and Nike are often compared as interchangeable and even substitute goods, but for loyal customers of both brands, Nike reigns supreme in all aspects of the market for running shoes, apparel, and accessories.
With such an internationally solid brand, Nike Running follows the cyclical communications plan set forth by Nike Incorporated. Beginning with the manufacturing stage, Nike produces products to distribute around the entire globe. In selling their products through Nike Stores and certified retailers, sales associates are selling their consumers on the Nike lifestyle of fitness, health, and bold athletic statements.
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