Cross Cultural Perspective – Nike Corporation

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Cross Cultural Perspective – Nike Corporation
In this essay, I will attempt to present an analysis of the ethics and social responsibility issues that an organization can face when it is a global organization. One of the most recognized organizations globally would without a doubt have to be the Nike Corporation. Several years ago the Nike Corporation came under fire for using child labor in Pakistan and Cambodia to make their soccer balls. Because Nike came under fire for this unethical and inhumane practice, the organization attempted to reduce this practice. Pakistan and Cambodia have strict child labor and slavery laws, however, the government has done very little to regulate it. Contracts for production are still being granted in
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When a company is no longer competitive in their respective industry, it can eventually cause them to shut down factories in their communities, which in turn can cause people to lose their of jobs. Nike’s social responsibility to the community includes the Nike Foundation. The Nike Foundation focuses on adolescent girls in developing countries. Nike has established custom product lines, marketing, events that have raised donations from consumers. Nike strongly believes that every young person in should have access to sports and has developed various programs and activities. Aside from the Nike Foundation, Nike has also developed several other programs as part of their social responsibility such as the Homeless World Cup (HWC), ninemillion and Let us Play in China. The Homeless World Cup (HWC) has supported locally-run football programs for homeless community members in more than 60 countries globally. In addition, 34 of these nations either plan or already have active national street soccer leagues running throughout the year ( The HWC training programs include technical training as well as assist the players with drug or alcohol dependency programs, finding jobs, finding homes and receiving education to name a few (

In 2006, NIKE, Inc., partnered with the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR) and


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