Nike Case Analysis

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Apparently there are two market segments of consumers for many product forms of athletic shoes: those who use the shoes to engage in the designated athletic activity and those who primarily use the shoes for casual wear and seldom engage in the athletic activity. Discuss the differences between these two segments in means-end chains, especially end goals, needs and values for running, basketball, aerobics, or tennis shoes.
What types of special difficulties does a marketer face in promoting its products to two market segments of consumers who use the product in very different ways? A marketer may face many different types of difficulties during promotion in this type of instance. First, the means-end chains are completely different for
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These types of consumers will be willing to constantly update when a new product is released. The downside to the constant churn of new attributes and products is the difficulty of consumers to keep up with the changes and information. Consumers combine their knowledge about product attributes with their knowledge about consequences and values to form what is called the means-end chain. This is essential in promoting products. This also can take a while to form, so when there are is a constant churn of new attributes and products the consumer may not have enough time to create a means-end chain because they have information overload essentially. Consumers may feel like they are bombarded with so many choices and not enough concrete information yet to make a decision, since they have to sift through all of that information still to create a mean-end chain.
Discuss Nike’s typical advertising strategy in terms of the types of means-end connections it creates in consumers. Bring in an example of a current Nike ad to analyze and raw out the meaning connections you believe this ad is likely to create in a consumer. According to Dan Wieden, manager of Wieden & Kenned, Nike’s main advertising agency, Nike’s advertising is focused on making a connection between the brand and the consumer. Nike seeks to display their core values in their marketing efforts to ad meaning to their advertisements, and produce a connection. This is why
Nike ads seldom pitch the product


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