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Week 6 Discussion

For the Week 6 Discussion you will create a Gantt chart for one element of the St. Dismas case study project. Using a project management tool like MS Project is typically the easiest and fastest way to do this. However, it is not the only way. You can use MS Office products as well to create the Gantt Chart.

Students often ask about the use of project management software applications in this course. In the past we required the use of MS Project for this course but removed it as a requirement when we rewrote the course. The reason we removed it was that MS Project has a very steep learning curve for all but the most basic functions. The software is very expensive and is not web-based so it requires installation on
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* In order to accurately depict your project schedule in the Gantt Chart you must choose your calendar. The calendar determines the start date for the project, the work days, and what holidays if any are non-work days. For the purposes of this example, the project start date is February 6, 2014; work days are Monday through Friday; holidays follow the US holiday calendar. * You must also choose the task duration unit and use the same unit consistently for the task durations. In the example above, duration is indicated in both days and


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