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A sample case for a statistical analysis with a suggested solution

Case 1: Heavenly Chocolates Website Transactions
Heavenly Chocolates manufactures and sells quality chocolate products at its plant and retail store located in Saratoga Springs, New York. Two years ago the company developed a website and began selling its products over the internet. Website sales have exceeded the company’s expectations, and management is now considering strategies to increase sales even further. To learn more about the website customers, a sample of 50 Heavenly Chocolate transactions was selected from the previous month’s sales. Data showing the day of the week each transaction was made, the type of browser the customer used, the time spent on the
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The fact that the median amount spent ($68.13) is greater than the median amount spent ($62.15) and the value of skewess is 1.05 indicates that the amount spent is skewed to the right. The following histogram provides further evidence of the skewness in the data.
H is to g ram o f A m o u n t


Fre q u e n cy




0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 A m ount


Summary by Day of Week Day of Week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Total Frequency 5 9 7 6 5 11 7 50 Total Amount Spent ($) 218.15 813.38 414.86 341.82 294.03 945.43 378.74 3406.41 Average Amount Spent ($) 43.63 90.38 59.27 56.97 58.81 85.95 54.11 68.13

The above summary shows that Monday and Friday are the best days in terms of both the total amount spent and the averge amount spent per transaction. Friday had the most purchases (11) and the highest value for total amount spent ($945.43). Monday, with nine transactions, had the highest average amount spent per transaction ($90.38). Sunday was the worst sales day of the week in terms of number of transactions (5), total amount spent ($218.15), and average amount spent per transaction ($43.63). However, the sample size for each day of the week are very small, with only Friday having more