Btec Unit 18 Sports Injuries

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BTEC National Sports injuries
Unit 18
Assignment 2
Physiological & Psychological responses to injury (p3/P4/M2/D1)

Scenario: You have impressed during your work placement at Thornensians rugby club and have been asked to stay for an additional week. The club physiotherapist has suggested that you look to improve your knowledge surrounding the rehabilitation of players returning from injury, paying particular attention to their physiological and psychological responses.

Checklist * Introduction * Psychological Responses- anxiety, frustration, isolation, anger, depression, drop in motivation, stress * Physiological Responses- inflammation/swelling, scar tissue/ remodelling, clotting * Strains- Grade 1,2 &
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Your mind races as you consider recovery time and the impact it will have on your game. But if the stress and frustration turns into long-term feelings of hopelessness, being upset about your injury could lead to depression.

* Stress- Stress and anxiety are a part of everyone's life - non-athletes and athletes. Most athletes generally associate stress and anxiety with physical injuries. Everyone feels the pressure to succeed, pressure of failing, fear of injury, fear of reinjure, or anxiety about overcoming an injury. However, many individuals don’t and won’t recognize the symptoms.
The major sources of stress reported in individuals and coaches in amateur and professional sports includes: * The fear of failure, * Lack of readiness to perform, * A loss of internal control over one's environment.

Physiological responses

Physiological responses are how the body reacts to an injury immediately after its happening and how it adapts over a period of time. Physical signs may include inflammation/swelling, scar tissue/remodelling, clotting and an increase in temperature.

* Inflammation/swelling- an irregular enlargement of a part of the body, this is the result of a build-up of fluid which Includes blood or any number of things.

* Scar tissue/remodelling- There are many ways in which you can classify how


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