Native American Culture

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Native American Culture is a culture of respect to their ancestors, and to their gods such as the moon, sun, and animals. Believing in reincarnations, they give sacrifice of animals and dance around fire to be in their gods favor; for when they die they will return in some form of animal or human. Reasons for the expansion of Europe into the west were 1). They were in search of riches ex. Gold, oil, tobacco, land, crops est., they figured if they can find these resources they can trade them and make lots of money. 2) They wanted to conquer other lands with people in it, so that they can control them; meaning using them as slaves. As slaves you can sale them for profit, work them in your house hold to do your chores, and work them in your …show more content…

And another compromise was the commerce compromise, were southerners opposed tariffs fearing they would damage the Southern economy which was heavily dependent upon trade and northerners wanted tariffs to protect their industries from foreign competition. Lastly, the slave trade compromise, were Northern abolitionists wanted the Constitution to ban the external slave trade. They believed that slavery would eventually prove unprofitable and vanish. And Southern Slave owners argued that slavery was vital to the economic survival of the South. The Songhay Empire was a very rich and prosperous empire economically. Trading being one of its best strengths, they traded goods such as Gold, practical crafts and religious crafts. And the significance of family in Africa was substantial because, family was all they had, families formed their own colony. And without family, Africa at that time would not be so colonized at it was because; there would be no cooperation with people. Also the importance of European commercialism, weaponry, and absentee landlordism, to Africans was critical to their mind because, African had not traveled out of their colonize nor out of the country so seeing different color people and seeing their way of living changed their thinking, even the weaponry of the Europeans, Africans who made weapons out of sticks and stones had never seen a gun, living


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