Issues with American Indian Multicultural Counseling

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Native Americans are always struggling with identification with their tribes traditions compared to Euro-American traditions. Counselors need to recognize that many Native Americans feel uncomfortable when talking about things outside of their context.
Rather than interpret behaviors of the Native Americans counselors understand what greatly impacts American Indians in social issues. Native Americans are greatly impacted with Major Health Issues, Employment Issues, Economic Issues, and Family Dynamics. American Indian Multicultural Counseling Human behavior is explained by the definition of culture. Each individual has a cultural group of values. Ethnocentrism is what makes up the American Euro-American culture. The
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Native American believed that a person was assigned the spirit of a particular animal and that their spirits was absorbed into this animal in death. In many cultures absolute loyalty is expected to one’s immediate and extended family/tribe (Carteret, 2011). Native Americans were a big part of familism where they emphasized the needs of family and group first instead of private life. In the Euro-American culture families follow a nuclear model which is comprised of the parents and children. Parents make decisions that are decided for the children. Children are raised to think for themselves and encouraged to act like decision makers. When Euro-American reach adulthood they do not need parental consent and they may exercise their right to privacy. The Native American culture rely on the extended network of relationship with parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and much more. The extended network is what is involved in important decisions for someone who is unrelated to the person through blood, marriage, tribal leaders, the elderly, and medicine men/women who are key individual to be consulted before these decisions are made. American Indian women are viewed as expressive roles in childrearing, domestic tasks and over all concerns of the family. In the American Indian culture women roles is the development of others. Their daily interacting with adults and children is they engage in a


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