Olive Garden

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Olive Garden Project

Marketing Plan: Phase I

During week two, Learning Team B will take a thorough look at the Olive Garden Italian Restaurant chain. Team B has decided that a new appetizer item should be added to the restaurant menu. The appetizer item being considered is cheese filled breadsticks served with Marinara sauce. The team will begin this marketing plan by giving an overview of the Olive Garden Restaurant, along with a detailed description of the new menu item being considered. They will also explain why marketing plays an important role in the restaurants success. A SWOTT analysis will be given to introduce all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends that should be considered prior to
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Opportunities for adding these new bread sticks could mean that they are reaching a new customer base or bringing in customers that may not have gone to Olive Garden in the past. Threats for the new bread sticks would be like any other product out there, and that is the competition. What do the competitors offer and will this new type of breadstick served with sauce be better in the consumer’s eyes. One trend that may develop with the addition of this new type of breadstick appetizer is that many other Italian restaurants may hear about how popular this item took hold at Olive Garden and may want to include something similar in their restaurants. There are already a few Italian restaurants that include cheese filled breadsticks served with a sauce, but the key to Olive Garden’s success with this item would be in the unique cheese choices that the breadstick would be filled with along with a better tasting marinara sauce. These are just a few things that Team B will need to look at and consider when introducing this new line of bread sticks to Olive Garden.
Marketing Research Approach Olive Garden is well known for their bottomless fresh baked garlic breadsticks, but how would customers react if they added cheese in the middle? Team B will follow the five-step marketing research approach to develop a marketing strategy and tactics to introduce mozzarella cheese-filled breadsticks


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