Marco Polo Comparison

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The prolific writings of both Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta give accounts of early world travel and exploration during the middle ages, these two explorers’ managed to travel the length of the Eurasian empire, while creating written accounts of their adventure. When comparing these two individual writings on their travels and perception of cultures, religion and trade also their reasons for travel it is imperative that we acknowledge that these two individuals came from very different back rounds Polo a Christian and Battuta a Muslim. Thus their accounts and view points maybe very different in retrospect to one another due to a religious, and cultural bias when exploring these areas. In order to understand these two travelers it …show more content…

Polo who was a master of many languages, gained the respect of khan and was appointed to a high level of his administration, this service in Khans court led him to be sent on numerous missions in China, Burma and India. This shows how Polo was held in very high regard by the leaders of the middle ages and shows that he was very well accomplished in his travels and that his reputation as not only a traveler but as a scholar was at an elite level during this period of history where individuals holding positions in foreign courts could not come easily. Ibn Battuta reached almost the same status in India over eight years, were he was appointed as a Judge in the government of the Sultan of Delhi Muhammad b. Tughluq between 1335-13418. This fact also plays into the comparison of the travelers and their texts shows that reader that both Battuta and Polo were seen as great men of their time and held in high regard by foreign leaders. This comparison of the people the travelers came into contact with is of vital importance because is allowed them to gain further knowledge and travel of distance areas that were previously unknown to them and also to provide documents on their encounters with foreign cultures and give detailed accounts of the middle ages through two separate perspectives, it also happens


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