The Human Memory Model

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Memory, Thinking, and Intelligence Memory is the process in our brain that the results of learning are stored for future recall. There are three types of memory, sensory memory, short term memory, and long term memory. The human memory processing system is comprised of an input or encoding stage, a storage process, and a retrieval process, the human memory also tends to forget quite a bit of information. Psychologists have many general principles to help us improve our memory and learning how the memory works will enable us to develop new ways to increase memory recall. One of the most significant models of memory was the Shiffrin model, also known as the Modal Model, which was the work of Richard Atkinson and Richard Shiffrin in 1968 …show more content…

The other method is elaborative rehearsal which is where you connect new information you want to remember with something you already know from your long term memory, like my son’s teachers name is the same as my mother’s name. Using imagery helps also, this is where you create a mental picture to attach to the information you are storing (Davis & Palladino, 2010).This method keeps the information in the working memory as well as helping it to move to long term memory. It stands to reason that multi tasking, pain, and stress will distract from your focus on the incoming information and therefore could impede the information flow to storage and long term memory. Long term memory is enhanced when they retention methods in short term memory are thorough. Mostly it depends on how well the information was learned to begin with, but by connecting the semantic memory with the same episodic memory it is easier to recall information, for example if you have an event or a face to go with a name, then that name will come to mind when you think of that event, as will the persons face. Factors that impede long term memory are brain damage, amnesia, and damage to the hippocampus which is considered a memory gateway to permanent storage (Modal Model, n.d.). Other things can interfere with memory such as proactive interference and


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