Liberation Theology

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According to Enns (2008), liberation theology attempts to infer the holy writ through the plight of the poor. This movement originated from South America in the early 1950s when Marxism was the most popular theory among the poor. It was a response to the ill-treatment and poverty facing the ordinary people. It dealt with the issue of distribution of wealth among people in order to upgrade the economic status in life. This movement had strong Romanian Catholic roots bolstered in Colombia in 1968 at a conference where, the bishops proposed a merger between the Karl Marx teachings with those of Jesus Christ. Liberation theology support was immense but various critiques across the religious framework (Novak, 1991). This movement
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Nevertheless, there was a positive outcome of this issue. There was an introduction of the gospel into Latin Christianity, which is a significant issue. This led to people looking at their lives in different and to show responsibility because there was a ministry of both physical and spiritual growth in the Latin people.
However, there was intense insecurity and breaking of the law. People faced the challenge of blaming the rich for their miserable lives, thus hated and mistreated them. Latin American Liberation Theology promoted hate between the people of the same race instead of developing peace, love and unity. There was ignorance of the spiritual growth and individuals concentrated on the physical conditions. Advocating of violence to obtain justice resulted to bloodbaths. This caused the deaths of so many people especially innocent people. This liberation led to the destruction of the church dignity and meaning. There is continuous spread of libertinism leading to revolutionary and exclusion of evangelism of spiritual growth.
Feminist Theology
The offset of the Feminist Theology is the experience and rejection of women in society. The control on the women by men is one of the main issues stipulated in this theological theory. The women do not get treated as equals with the men and by following the scriptures, there should be equality among the people since everybody is equal in the eyes of God. Many people recognize the fact that women are insecure, which


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