Unit 20 Promoting Health Education P3

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P3 – in this task I will be planning my campaign and explain the reasons for the approaches, methods and models of behaviour change. This task will include SMART targets and planned approaches to education, I will be stating what models of behaviour change I will be using and also include who my audience is and what resources I will use and any cost incurred.
The campaign we will be presenting is about obesity. In Sandwell, especially Smethwick; the number of children who are considered obese is 893 and the local value for this number is 25.9 where the England average is 19.0 and England’s worst is 26.5 ( as you can see the Sandwell figure is very close to England’s worst). These children are much more likely to develop health problems
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Also time is very important to our campaign as we need to know how much we will be taking of their time. The first session will be presented to the form of year sevens a day or more before the presentation, so we don’t take very long doing it all together as they have to read each question and answer them and then collecting it from each pupil will take time. The presentation and the questionnaire after will be together and both will take the maximum of 15 minutes. Therefore our campaign is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based.
Models of behaviour change
I will be using the health belief model because this model is used to explain and predict preventative health behaviour. This model suggests that an individual is most likely to carry out a preventative action if they believe a threat to their health is real and serious and that the benefits of taking the suggested action is more important than the old reckless behaviour.
In relating the health belief model to obesity, the health belief model suggests that if the individual is more aware of the difficulties, e.g. obesity creates they would be more likely to engage in behaviours that would decrease the risk of becoming obese. This campaign helps pupils to be more aware of the dangers of obesity, therefore makes it less likely for them becoming an obese child.
Another significant factor of the health belief model would be perceived seriousness; which suggests while the


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