Negotiation Report Pakistani Prunes

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Negotiation simulation:
The Pakistani Prunes

The case is about a negotiation with a competitor to buy Pakistani prunes in order to use them to save lives. In fact, being a world leader of genetic engineering processes, I need Pakistani prunes to work on people. However, my direct competitor needs Pakistani prunes too and we have to find a deal before the day after.

The outcome has been buying fifty-fifty in the short term. In fact, we agreed to share the limited resources on the short term, and then find another agreement 5 years after because each 5 years there are lots of changes thanks to progress of researches etc. we decided during the auction to offer 2 millions as our first offer, and to make our maximum as 4 millions. I
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This case was very interesting and has been very important for me because I did some mistakes but thanks to thank I learnt a lot about negotiation and integrative negotiation situation. The first mistake has been when we identified the interests. In fact, I didn’t realise that we were not interested in the same part of the prune, if I realised that, we would be able to maximize our profits. So we fail in identifying our interests. However, the good thing is that we had the same goal (save lives), and we were trustful in each other. Since the beginning we had positive feelings towards each other so each of us told the trust and we wanted to share, cooperate and help each other because we directly saw that cooperate will be better than compete if we wanted to act together for the same and good cause.
In my opinion, the best skill I applied during this case was to identify the positive feelings there were between us, and the emotions we exchanged about the causes we defended. However, I have to be careful about feelings and truth because maybe, the other party could be much more dishonest and I could loose everything. The most important thing I learnt is that cooperating could be a very good deal in this kind of cases when it concern health, people’s safety etc. because we can do much more positive things when we are two