Multicultural Communication

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Explain multicultural communication and its origins.
As travel and communication have become faster and easier, interaction between people of different cultures has become more and more common. It was once the case that different cultures remained mostly separate from each other, whether due to war, geographic reasons, or beliefs in keeping ethnic purity. Trade and immigration have brought together people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, making communication between people of different cultures unavoidable.
Compare and contrast culture, ethnicity, and acculturation.
The society a person grows up in has certain norms, traditions, beliefs, language and dialects, values and acceptable behaviors, religious influences, modes of dress,
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We can avail ourselves of information available online to learn of any cultural imperatives that would affect the patient’s care. If we work in an area where there is a large community of people of another culture, it would be of benefit to take the time to learn as much as possible of that culture so as to be prepared for encounters with patients of that culture.
(Web article: Cultural Differences affect Nursing Practice by Jennifer Larson
List the types of illiteracy.
Illiteracy refers to one who lacks the basic skills needed to function in society. These skills include the ability to read, write, communicate with others effectively, and use minimal math skills required in day to day life. Illiteracy may be caused by a brain injury or be of genetic origin; be due to lack of education, of be due to language or cultural differences that the person has not adapted to.
(Falvo, pp.253-254)
Discuss illiteracy as a disability.
Illiteracy as a disability may prevent a person from holding a decent job, providing for him or herself, of Illiteracy that is of genetic origin or caused by a brain injury may be easier to identify. Those who functionally illiterate due to lack of education may have developed ways to hide their illiteracy, and may be more difficult to identify.
Give some


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