Potential Problems When Using Multicultural Diverse Team in Global Organization

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What are some potential problems that must be overcome when using the multicultural diverse team in global organization?

As for 2006 and above, there are many problems regarding multicultural diverse team in global organization. Ironically, Presidents and CEO of the organization are willing to talk about diversity when their managers do not have much confidence in implementing diversity workforce in an organization. Managers are afraid that they may fail in terms of productivity when multicultural diverse team is applied.

The problems are: 1. Problem: A mere decrease in productivity
The positive impact of multicultural diverse team is that the creativity can be increase compare to non-diversity team. Furthermore, diverse team have
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5. Problem: Mistrust
Multicultural diverse team always tend to have a very small amount of trust when compared to homogenous teams. A natural human tendency is to work closely with members of their very own culture. They have been trained not to trust people who are from different culture. This mistrust is often reinforced by inaccurate stereotyping between multicultural diverse team members.

Solutions –
The perfect solution for this particular problem is to get to know each of the members in the multicultural diverse team. By applying these, mistrust can be diminish from time to time. 6. Problem: Work Stress
Miscommunication and mistrust can create significant work stress on team members. Once team members are aware that there is a possibility of error in inter-team communications, then decision making, problem analysis and deductions are at risk. This creates an enormous stress on employees. In multicultural teams, members are afraid of offending other members thus forcing a “polite diplomatic” approach to sensitive issue.

Solutions –
When dealing with multicultural team, managers should take into account every aspect that can cause any problem. For instance, the problems of work stress are the consequence of miscommunication and mistrust. So, to tackle work stress problem, managers should first settle the roots of this problem,


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