Chapter 10 Case Study

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Alicia Dukes
Case Study CH 10
March 21, 2013
Case Study CH 10: Invincibility Systems
Invincibility Systems has taken extreme action in their Human Resource planning and recruiting. They have taken into account lots of important characteristics needed in a successful employee/business. They get very specific and study individual employees. For example, they study not only if a turnover will rise or fall, but also which employees are most likely to leave. Employees with Invincibility typically fill highly specialized and highly skilled roles. If an engineer with a highly skilled job retires, someone just as capable will need to be there for back up to take his spot. Some things not mentioned in the case that
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Being honest with the customer and telling them, for instance, that they are too young and unmarried and their long-term loyalty towards the company is questioned may in fact be a generalization, but it is an educated one that Invincibility is qualified to make. The data analysis is meant to put no one at a disadvantage, it is set in place to decipher who are the most qualified people for the job; also making sure they put people in a job that best suits their abilities.
While recruiting new employees is always important, training for current ones is equally important. Invincibility can use their data analysis to determine/predict future human resource needs, always looking for ways to become more efficient, to save money, and increase productivity and profit. Businesses always have to be looking ahead at the possibilities. Invincibility needs to plan for the unknown, basically. Six sigma is a method of practice created to eliminate defects in a company. A data analysis can help to improve quality six sigma programs. By doing the data analysis, Invincibility will know what factors cause people to retire or quit; therefore they can know not to do these things. Also, they can train their current employees by outsourcing them. The data analysis will let you see what business’ and who are the best, then you can send your employees there for training or you can bring someone in for training. The data analysis can also show what types of


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