How Religion Views Homosexuality

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How Religion Views Homosexuality

According to an article by Benjamin Radford with Discovery News, “Two-percent of Americans identify as gay.” You may be thinking that this percentage is much lower than you had expected. The gay community may be a minority; however, gay rights are a human rights issue. Whether there are four million gay Americans or only four, the Constitution applies to everyone. But why are homosexual Americans fighting for rights? This is because religion is prejudice against homosexuality. (Radford, 2011)
The bible is at the center of all of the questions concerning homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and gay rights. Religious practitioners look to it for the answers pertaining to these issues. There are several
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In conclusion, religion is the root to discrimination against the gay community. Though the bible has a lot of Laws about homosexuality and marriage, it also has a lot of Laws about other things that sound impractical to society today. The religious community seems to think that all homosexuals are choosing to be this way, and believe it is their responsibility to “save” them from their sins, but the reality is that this is who these people are. Religious believers also seem to think that ignoring the feelings gays have towards the same-sex will “fix” the problem, but what if the tables were turned? What if heterosexuality was a sin? Could you just simply ignore your feelings? I think not. But where do we go from here? Maybe negotiate a way for both to get some of what they want without having to sacrifice too much of what they believe. Maybe we could legalize a special type of union for homosexual couples, where they receive the same rights as a traditional married couple, without the biblical term of marriage. This way, marriage would still only be between a man and a woman and the gay community would have equal rights. In the meantime, it is my belief that the members of the religious community and the gay community learn to accept each other’s differences and beliefs and practice a little more tolerance. After all, we are all human beings and whether we like it or not, as we have to share this Earth we have to deal with each


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