Psychology: the Human Memory

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The Human Memory
Tracey Percifield
American Intercontinental University

Unit 4 IP
The human mind is a fascinating instrument that is very complex and even though we know quite a lot about it we still do not know everything. The human memory has three phases of memory interpretation; Sensory Memory, Short-Term Memory and Long-Term Memory. Knowing how each of these memories store information is comparison to c computer. The average adult knows anywhere between 50,000 to 100, 00 words. The brain is incredible in protecting itself when injuries occur at times.

The Human Memory The Father of Psychology begins with Sigmund Freud and his analysis of Psychoanalysis and the theories he introduced. Freud had many
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This formulates the note pad of note taking for our short-term memory (Human Memory, n.d.). Information that we need and need to learn whether it is language, career operations or anything that is a repetitive action that we must recall, or even memories as we grow from a child into old age stays with us for life. Long-Term Memory is information that is stored indefinitely and can be recalled at any time. We do not forget our long-term memory that is the last thing to go when we grow old but we lose sensory and short-term memory that is why elderly people can remember the events of their life and what they did and have all these amazing and fascinating stories that they recall and sometimes relive that portion or events. Short-term memories can become long term memories by the way of consolidation which involves rehearsals and meaning association. By this definition we have an understanding that it is by remembering a certain thing or multiple things such as an example of learning a new language that it becomes repetition and it becomes a long-term memory. Long-term memories are


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