Marketing Analysis of Mobile Applications

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The Viability of Mobile Applications as a Marketing Tool
Introduction and Definition
Mobile applications are software that run on Smartphones with the purpose of adding value to consumers smartphones, by increasing their phones functionality. Traditionally mobile applications were distributed with the intensions of acquiring direct revenue from either incorporating advertisements on the applications through the use of banners, or charging a download fee. In recent years the viability for apps to be created solely for marketing purposes has emerged, which varies from the traditional direct R.O.I. models. Due to the fact that mobile apps are generated by independent third parties, and that creativity is not limited by strict predetermined
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To market the mobile applications from the marketers’ point of view, they can provide special sneak peeks during electronic conventions and give out free trials, or have their employees try the applications first to assess the difficulty.
Trialability can be defined as the extent to which a product can be tried and tested by the consumer. An example of this would be applications with a small size leading to fast download speed. This can also be a selling point for the promotion of the mobile app and help distinguish it from competitors in the sense that the marketer has seen evidence of its easy trialability or other customers who have tried out the app have written about how easy the technology is to use. The opinions of those customers on online reviews or word-of-mouth could be what attracts more people and make those who are truly impressed “product evangelists” as well as negatively affect companies that claim to have a product that has easy trialability but the reviews from those who have tried the product contradict that claim. As a consumer/customer, it will help when they are evaluating the options available as they are looking of which option offers the best features and benefits. Continuous downloading helps the trialability and the fact that downloading is free helps this in the sense that it is easier for potential customers to access mobile apps to test them out before purchasing them or the product/service that is being offered.


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