The Sign of Four Summary

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The Sign of Four takes place in London in 1888. It started with the circumstance in which Edward Watson watches Sherlock Holmes inject cocaine three times a day for the past several months. Edward Watson is afraid to ask Holmes to stop using them. Finally, he got the courage and told him to stop taking them but Holmes simply told him that it elucidate his lethargic mind. Then Ms. Morstan comes to Sherlock Holmes and explains her unusual situation. Her father was in India. He sent a letter to his daughter saying that he had a twelve months leave and was coming home. She went to go meet him but he was not there. The hotel he stayed at said that he was staying there, but had left and had not yet come back. A few years later, there was an …show more content…

Watson takes the box to Ms. Morstan but they find the box empty. Jonathon Small tells Sherlock the whole story of the treasure. He was a guard in Agra. One night, two Sikh men who were under Small’s command threatened his life. They told him that either he could join with them and be rich or they would kill him. The two guards and a third man planned to bring a rich merchant to Agra and murder him for the wealth he would have and Jonathon agreed. Once the merchant had been killed, they would hide his body and the treasure, an oath was sworn between them that they should always act for one and another, the sign of four. The plan went didn’t work as they planned and they were arrested for murder and sentenced to imprisonment with hard labor for the rest of their lives. Jonathon Small then continued his story of the climax when he revealed about the treasure to Major Sholto and Captain Morstan. Jonathon was then transferred to the Andaman Islands which was where Major Sholto and Captain Morstan were in charge. Jonathon met Major Sholto and Captain Morstan and offered them a deal. If they could have their freedom, both of the officers would have a part of the treasure. The officers said yes and Sholto was appointed the task of confirming the treasure’s location before letting the prisoners free. But, Sholto cheated all of them and went to England with the treasure. Jonathon then


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