Paypal Here B2B Marketing Plan

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PayPal HereTM


2. Introduction of Group Project

2.1 Company, Offering, and Target Market

The company for which this project is based is PayPal Here, a product of PayPal, Inc., which is a subsidiary of eBay, Inc. PayPal Here, which has only had an exclusive release in March 2012, is an innovative mobile payment solution that includes a free mobile application and a triangular plug-in card reader for mobile phones.

The mobile business solution was designed to provide small business owners (in-store, off-line, online and on-the-go mobile businesses) a faster, cheaper, and more efficient method to get paid. PayPal Here will allow small businesses to accept multiple forms of
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In this code, five years prior to the 2007 census, the 2002 data was released. This data is summarized in the table below.

From 2002 to 2007, the number of establishments increased by 95% from 2,962 to 5761. The revenue for the industry has increased by 55% from $28.2 billion to $43.8 billion. Also, payroll increased 48%, as well as number of paid employees increased by 23%. These increases are only between 2002 and 2007, the data for 2012 has not been released yet but as the trend shows, this industry is in the growth stage of its product life cycle.

|Year |Number of Establishments |Employer Value of Sales, |Annual Payroll ($1,000) |Number of Paid Employees |
| | |Shipments, Receipts, Revenue | | |
| | |or Business ($1,000) | | |
|2007 |5,761 |43,756,405 |7,991,345 |142,212 |
|2002 |2,962 |28,175,353 |5,395,195 |115,127 |

PayPal Here itself is still in the


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