Case Analysis Kaspersky Lab: from Russia with Anti-Virus

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Case Analysis
Kaspersky Lab: From Russia with Anti-virus

Industry Background: Software Security
Cybercrime has become a fast growing concern for the 21st century as businesses, institutions and individuals grow into an interconnected web of computer networks. Online business transactions, along with the sharing of personal information, are vulnerable to a host of disasters that can reap economic and social havoc. Some sources say that today, cybercrime costs more than $1.0 trillion to society--Global Industry Analysts, Inc. forecasted the world cyber security market to reach $80 billion by 2017 (Gale, 2011).
Chief concerns for this Industry are: Internet-based fraud, sophisticated viruses, illicit network access, and computer
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Having a strong foothold in a developing country is not all bad--in fact, Russia has the world’s best software engineers as well as the world’s best hackers (Kshetri, 2011). Russia has benefited from heavy investments in engineering and science from the Soviet-era. This has led to the country’s large supply of highly skilled technical workers and a culture centered on sophisticated computer hacking. Kaspersky noted: “There are technical universities in every major city and with one million students graduating every year, and there is a big labor market for software engineers.”(Kshetri, 2011)
The vast cybercrime landscape throughout Russia and the rest of the world has actually benefited KL by allowing them to leverage the expertise of skilled workers for the development of new applications, allowing them to enter new markets. Cybercrime is what keeps security companies like Kaspersky in business. Fortunately, they have the resources available to keep up with the rapid rise of the cybercrime industry.
SWOT Analysis
1. Security. Kaspersky security software is technically superior to competitor products. KL capitalizes on open innovation and open source. The company is able to provide more frequent updates than its rivals and is a leader in identifying and responding to threats as early as possible.
2. Highly skilled labor force: Soviet-era tech


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