Industrial Analysis of Apparel Industry

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Industry Analysis 1: Apparel Manufacturing NAICS 315

Part 1. Environmental Analysis

The Apparel Manufacturing industry is a sub-sector of the Manufacturing sector. It is composed of two distinct manufacturing processes (cut and sew using purchased fabric and fabric manufacturers that then cut and sew) and three industry groups (apparel knitting mills, cut and sew apparel manufacturing and apparel accessories and other apparel manufacturing).[1]

The projected global revenue in 2010 for the apparel manufacturing industry is $ 1,781.7 billion[2] while for the US it is about $20 billion[3]. Globally there are about 256,000 companies3, while in the US, there are about 8,000 companies1. The top 5 companies globally are YMK Trading
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Small stores can compete by offering unique merchandise, targeting a specific demographic, providing superior customer service, or serving a local market.

Part 3. Competitor Analysis

The projected global revenue in 2010 for the apparel manufacturing industry is $ 1,781.7 billion[7] while for the US it is about $20 billion[8]. The top 5 companies globally are YMK Trading Limited, V.F. Corporation, Louis Vuitton NA, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Levi Strauss Denmark8.

1. V.F. Corporation[9] – a. Revenue - $7.2 Billion b. Market Share – 0.4% globally, 36% US c. Brands and key positioning i. There are about 25 brands for the V.F. Corporation including Lee, Nautica, Wrangler, North Face, Eastpak and Vans. The key positioning for some of these brands are: 1. Lee - Lee Jeans have a proud history stretching back to 1889, and a heritage of quality clothes that are not only classic, but comfortable too. 2. Nautica - . Nautica products offer refined, casual classics that are always crisp, clean and distinct. 3. North Face - The North Face brand delivers high performance, quality and style. 4. Eastpak - Eastpak is the authentic brand for packs and bags famed for style, toughness and functionality, as well as for its collaborations with leading names from the art, music and fashion


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